The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly

The book is about an egg-laying hen who wants to hatch an egg and watch the birth of her chick.  She manages to get out of the coop, and the rest is her adventure.

photo1 (16)

The hen’s name is Sprout.  She gives the name to herself.  And here’s why:

“Sprout was the best name in the world. A sprout grew into a leaf and embraced the wind and the sun before falling and rotting and turning into mulch for bringing fragrant flowers into bloom.  Sprout wanted to do something with her life, just like the sprouts on the acacia tree.  That was why she’d named herself after them.” 

The book was written by Korean writer Sun-Mi Hwang.  Reading her book made me think about a long lost friend from Korea who used to tell me what it was like being a woman living in South Korea.


Author: Orada

An aspiring playwright living and working in Bangkok, Thailand.

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